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Who is Wolf Tracts Properties

Wolf Tracts was organized by diehard Outdoor enthusiasts.  We have a deep passion for what the Outdoors has to offer.  Fishing, hunting, camping, survival, forestry, hiking … if it’s Outdoors, it’s on our agenda.  Our hard-fought roots and success have come from being Outdoors and being aware of our surroundings.  The lessons and memories gained from the Outdoors are countless and we would love to offer properties to you that we have hand-picked and feel that are special.  We would be honored to share our experience and offer you the same “chance of a lifetime” property that fits you just the way you want it to. Some folks have lost touch with the Outdoors and what it has to offer the soul … it would put a smile on our face, if we could bring some happiness to your Family.  Take care of yourself …

Featured Property

Property 115

115 acres | Park Rapids, MN | $2250 per acre

Located in the beautiful Two Inlets State Forest, northwest of Park Rapids, just minutes from Itasca State Park.  This unique property is abundant with wildlife, including deer, bear, grouse, turkey and much more!